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Montana is home to some of the finest dry fly fishing and most beautiful rivers in the United States. At Montana Rivers and Ridges Outfitter, we are lucky enough to be located in the heart of fly fishing paradise, where the vast beauty of the river and ridges beyond is regularly interrupted with a wild trout at the end of a line.  It is not uncommon to catch a Cutthroat, Rainbow, and Brown Trout all in the same day. We have access to float fishing on the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, Clark Fork, Rock Creek, and Missouri Rivers.

Our knowledgeable and patient guides are some of the best in the business. Their years of experience, and knowledge of the rivers, allow them to accommodate all skill levels from seasoned expert to complete beginner. 

We have a very large variety of insects throughout the season.

Montana Fly Fishing Trips

During May we fish the Missouri River with large clouds of Mothers Day Caddis and Blue Wing Olives provide a bountiful meal for hungry trout.  The Missouri is a tail water that is controlled by a dam, so while most of our rivers across the state will be flowing at high levels from melting snow, the Missouri remains fishable with high numbers of large trout.


In Mid March we will start to see our first bugs of the year.  The olive stonefly known as a Skwala will start to hatch. This hatch is typically accompanied by several type of mayflies including March Browns and Blue Wing Olives.  It is not uncommon to see these bugs around through entire month of April.


June we return to our home waters with the presence of the very large Salmon Fly.  This is a very fun and action packed month. We are able to cast large dry flies to the edge of the willows and have fish explode on them as the gorge them selves on large bugs just as the rivers peak and start dropping back into shape.  As the Month of June goes on we start to see the presence of Goldens Stones and Green Drakes.


July the number of Golden Stones start to increase along with PMDs.  We have a very large variety of Golden Stones range from a size 6 to size 14.  The Golden Stone is like the Black Angus steak to the trout. Golden’s typically hatch in large numbers and can be a lot of fun to fish.  Golden Stones start to decrease towards the end of July as this happens then large terrestrials start to appear. Large grasshopper patterns are casted towards the banks for some explosive eats.


August typically has warm weather and is a

great time to be on the river with the family.  

A large hopper is easy to see and the explosive eats can get anybody excited. Fishing is typically better in the first half of the day, but by find colder water at high elevations it is not uncommon to see fish eat your fly throughout the day.  As August temperatures start to cool down the presence of Mayflies start to appear. The Trico May Fly will hatch by the thousands creating a feeding frenzy of podded up trout, which become the envy of any die-hard dry fly fisherman.


September continues to have explosive hopper eats and remains a dry fly fisherman’s paradise at the number of Mayflies increase.  Tricos typically stay around through the month of September, but we will also see the very large Hecuba. The Hecuba is one of the largest mayflies.  They allow for some exciting head hunting for large trout.


The first half of October can provide some excellent fishing as large trout feed heavily on Blue Wing Olives before the water temperature become too cold.  We also fish on the Missouri River this time of year. The water below the dam stays at a warmer temperature allowing us to consistently catch large fish.


Our hunts include first class accommodations at beautiful Sweat Creek Lodge! This is a spacious 4,400 square foot lodge. After a long day of hunting, you will have an opportunity to take a hot shower, kick back and relax while your well earned dinner is being prepared by a full time cook. The lodge includes four bedrooms with six beds. A full game room with pool table, shuffle board, darts, satellite TV, and Wi-Fi are all at your disposal. If you are looking for a great hunt with all the comforts of home, you will not be disappointed.

Fly Fishing in Western Montana



View more information on our big game hunt we have to offer,

right here!


Montana Rivers and Ridges Outfitter is excited to now offer full service lodging and guided fly fishing packages. Anglers will enjoy beautiful mountain creek side lodging in our 4,400 square foot Sweathouse Creek Lodge.  While at the Lodge guests will enjoy:


  • Single occupancy rooms

  • First class meals prepared by your full time chef

  • Full game room including a pool table, shuffleboard, and darts

  • WiFi

  • Satellite TV

While on the river guests can expect: 


  • Full day guided fly fishing trip with an expert guide

  • Riverside lunch prepared by your guide

  • Transportation to and from the river

  • All flies

  • Rod and reel (if needed)

  • 1 on 1 instruction

Guided Fly Fishing trip


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