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James Whitescarver is the Outfitter/Owner for Montana Rivers and Ridges Outfitter. He was born and raised in Washington State where he grew up hunting and fishing under the guidance of his father. James’ passion for the outdoors started at a young age and grew with each advancing year. He attended Central Washington University, where the hunting and fishing surrounding the Kittitas Valley made it hard to go to class. In 2002 James began spending his summers guiding fishing in the remote wilderness of Alaska on the Chosen River.

In 2005, after graduating from college, James moved to Montana to further his career as a hunting and fishing guide. James has had the opportunity to build on his knowledge of big game animals while guiding hunts in the remote Selway Wilderness, the Plains of Montana, and the Bitterroot Valley. During the spring and summer months he was able to expand his knowledge of wild trout while guiding on the Bitterroot River, Blackfoot River, Clark Fork River, Rock Creek, and Missouri River.

With a wife and two young sons, who also enjoy hunting, fishing, and all that the outdoors of Montana have to offer, there are very few days throughout the year that James is not either on the river, or ridge, soaking up all that mother nature has to offer.

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Mike has lived in the Bitterroot Valley for thirty years. His family moved here from Jackson Hole, Wyoming when he was a boy. His father put a fly rod in his hands at the age of four where he was catching trout on a dry fly in the beaver ponds near his home in Wyoming. Mike has been hooked on fly fishing ever since.


His father saw how much he enjoyed the outdoors and continued his outdoor education in the Bitterroot Valley. He taught Mike how to hunt elk in the mountains and mule deer in the high country. In the pine flats and brushy creek bottoms he learned to hunt whitetail deer. Mike took an interest in black bears at a young age and learned where and when to look for them to consistently produce spring and fall black bears in the Bitterroot Valley.


When Mike is not working, you will find him with his family teaching his two sons how to enjoy all that Western Montana has to offer. Mike’s love for the mountains and rivers of Western Montana shows in both his work and play.

Montana Fly Fishing Guide

Avery Meinzen, a Florence, MT native, was taught at a very young age by his father to hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors. Avery grew up running around the mountains of the Bitterroot valley chasing anything and everything the landscape has to offer, whether it be with a bow or rifle in hand.

After graduating from Florence High school, in western Montana, He had decided that his stomping grounds would be a tough place to leave behind. Every year, Avery looks forward to to hunting high country black bears in the spring, big bugling bull elk in September, and rutting deer in The fall.

When Avery is not hunting or working, he spends his time fishing different bodies of water across the state, looking for deer and elk shed antlers, and spending time with his parents and two brothers.

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Ty Stokes is a Utah native, who grew up hunting and fishing with his dad as their main way to spend time together.  Ever since following his dad around the duck marsh at age 4 with a Red Ryder bb gun, he has loved the outdoors and couldn't get a way from it.  Ty and his dad have been best friends his whole life and feels he owes a lot of that to the outdoors and of course his dad who was willing to have patience enough to let his 4yr old son slow him down.  


With his dad teaching him everything along the way, Ty's fishing and hunting hobby quickly grew into a love and passion for the great outdoors.  He began pursuing different game animals and trying to learn as much as he could. He attended college at Weber State University towards a degree in wildlife biology where he spent all his down time out of class and away from work hunting and fishing and learned quickly that that time should have probably been spent doing homework.  Him and his dad as a team, quickly became a crowd favorite among friends and family as a free personal hunting guide service. Ty came to the realization that seeing somebody harvest something for the first time or something they have been after for a while with his help was even more rewarding to him as pulling the trigger, not to say that it keeps him from doing so as most days off from guiding he still enjoys hunting or scouting for himself.  


Ty has been guiding in the Bitterroot since 2015 for deer, elk and bear after attending a guide school here.  He has put forth a lot of extra effort to learn the country and different habits of the game animals. His beautiful daughter and future huntress is the only thing that keeps him in Utah, where he is pursuing his own outfitting business.  But his love and knowledge of the Bitterroot and the game in it keep him coming back for return clients and a few new clients year after year. He always looks forward to guiding in the Bitterroot even as he misses his daughter back home and will give it everything he has for each and every client with no or little fuss even when packing elk out of extreme nastiness.  He figures the harder he works on the pack out the more he deserves his wage.




Montana Rivers and Ridges Outfitter is located in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley; with the Rocky Mountains at both our front and back door.

Our area includes over 1.5 million acres of national forest to hunt. We offer hunts for all big game animals including: deer, elk, black bear, mountain lions and wolves.

Montana Fly Fishing Guides



At Montana Rivers and Ridges Outfitter, we are lucky enough to be located in the heart of fly fishing paradise, where the vast beauty of the river and ridges beyond is regularly interrupted with a wild trout at the end of a line.

We have access to float fishing on the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, Clark Fork, Rock Creek, and Missouri Rivers.


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